On May 1st "I Shop Simply" changed our name to J&K Sage.co!

New owners, new stylings, new inventory, same great fashion at great prices!

J&K Sage.co LLC was started by two neighbors, Jen & Katie, who had a passion for spending money in all aspects! Fun Saturday Coffee Convos were followed by Costco runs, then started to include Plant and Flower stops. When the passion started to move to Shop Local Saturdays they started to spend weekends planning what may be next.

We had so much fun supporting one another through life and kids we figured why not co-found a fun company? "I Shop Simply" literally fell in our lap when a good friend and mentor of Katie's asked "Who would love to buy our little shop?" Katie asked Jen and it was a no brainer. Of course! This was it! So many ideas from all our Saturday strolls along the aisle were now going to come together. We not only were excited but between the two of us and our four daughters we couldn't contain the excitement! 

Affordable | Creative | Family | Inclusive | Quality | Value

Our goals are to show an inclusive brand showcasing multiple styles with the same pieces. Having a great experience shopping and finding new styles is our passion and focus!

Contact Us:

J&K Sage.co
PO BOX 1150
Santa Clara, UT 84765