Katie Kamachi, Ph.D.

Co-founder & CEO

Dr. Katie comes to our team with a focus on helping women feel beautiful in every situation. As a single mother of 3 daughters when returning to the workforce & completing her education, it was key to find one piece for multiple uses! An eye to maintaining your budget, style, & lifestyle is key to her purpose and to showcase her skills and talents along the way. With multiple degrees in global change, leadership, coaching, and strategy she brings expertise and the knowledge to the team. Her eye for fashion and what’s next has been key to the creation of a globally minded inclusive team and brand. 

Understanding the back end and the customer service experience helps her execute the business and mission of J&K Sage.co. As lead on the rebranding, renaming, and marketing of J&K Sage she brings with her over 10 years in business consulting experience. Spending time as a B-school professor and guest lecturer allowed her to realize it was time to start on passion projects*! “It’s all about relationships!” Is part of her many Katie”isms” and she’s excited for this new journey as Co-founder & CEO of J&K Sage.co. 

*other passion projects can be found under her Kamachi.co Instagram & Site